Welcome to what promises to be the least populated section of this research project.

We turn to 1970 and the Rock & Blues Festival which was held at the football ground. This clip feature the band Taste, midway offers us a quick glimpse of the Glen Mhor warehouses. Normally rocked by the sound of football crowds, on this day was swayed by music:

Am Baile have a fantastic video of a Caledonia FC match from 1949 that really sets the community scene in Muirtown. What's particularly interesting in the match highlights are the various brief glimpses of the 'distillery end' as it was known as aka the warehouses of Glen Mhor.

You can view the full footage right here, but I've taken 3 brief glimpses and put these below:

Bevvy recently reviewed the 1937 Glen Mhor, suggesting it was one of the greatest bottlings. My own review is available in our whisky section, but here's what they thought of it:

This panoramic fly-past gives you a sense of the canal and where the distilleries resided and what replaced them:

We visited the site of Glen Mhor in June 2021 and you can see the footage of our walk here and also a walk along Telford Street and onto the former site of the distillery.

And here a 1967 Glen Mhor is sampled: