Welcome to what promises to be the least populated section of this research project.

We turn to 1970 and the Rock & Blues Festival which was held at the football ground. This clip feature the band Taste, midway offers us a quick glimpse of the Glen Mhor warehouses. Normally rocked by the sound of football crowds, on this day was swayed by music:

Well worth a watch is this video featuring Richard Paterson, where he discusses Glen Mhor and the Shackleton whisky. For more details on the whisky, please head over to our Documentation Section for a full report under 1907.

This panoramic fly-past gives you a sense of the canal and where the distilleries resided and what replaced them:

We visited the site of Glen Mhor in June 2021 and you can see the footage of our walk here and also a walk along Telford Street and onto the former site of the distillery.

And here a 1967 Glen Mhor is sampled.