Why Glen Mhor? This is a question I have been asked many times and will undoubtedly continue to answer.

However, my initial response would be, why not? After all, a distillery is a distillery, and Scotland has numerous examples that have ceased production and fallen by the wayside. Furthermore, an old Malt Maniacs page once labelled Glen Mhor's history as dull or something to that extent. That memory remained with me, as I had first hand knowledge, but did not document the distillery publicly until beginning this website in 2021.  

Glen Mhor, a distinct Highland whisky with charisma and complexity, is frequently overlooked, much like its neighbour Glen Albyn just across the way (as seen above). To the North, Brora rightfully garners admiration and acclaim. Port Ellen on Islay and Rosebank in Falkirk are two whisky distilleries that are highly regarded by enthusiasts. 

Unfortunately, Glen Mhor, which operated for less than a century, has been destroyed by a retail park and its whisky is now scarce and challenging to obtain. Unlike other distilleries of its era, Glen Mhor typically bottled its own single malt whisky. However, thanks to Gordon & MacPhail's unwavering support, there are still many varieties of Glen Mhor whisky available for connoisseurs to sample. The majority of Glen Mhor's releases come from ex-bourbon casks, providing a wide selection of whiskies to savour and enjoy. Despite its enormity, the proposal holds merit. 

During the project's inception, a friend in the whisky industry proposed creating websites for all closed or lost distilleries, such as this.  Lost Scottish distilleries receive unjust treatment, despite being as quintessentially Scottish as haggis, tartan, or bagpipes. Although their owners may have altered or demolished them, Glen Mhor still lives on for many of us.

Through my efforts, I hope to educate and enhance your appreciation of the distillery. The journey so far has been enjoyable.

Additionally, as a result of this project's success and Mackinlay & Birnie's purchase of the Glen Albyn distillery in 1920, I have begun a new project and will also provide some recognition of Millburn distillery, in time.

Cheers, Jason J.

If you want to use any of our research or material, please ask and also give credit. That's all we ask given the time and money we've spent building this destination.


  1. Hi Jason, I'm from Argentina and I'm known as Tito Whisky. I dedicate myself to making whiskey reviews and giving tastings and courses. I came to your page researching for the review of Shackleton whiskey and I find all the work you are doing with this and other ghost distilleries incredible and admirable, it really is a very valuable source of information for those of us who are dedicated to communicating about whiskey, I am going to mention the site in my video and i will notify you when it is published on youtube. You really do an excellent job, congratulations. Greetings from Argentina.(google translate)

    1. Hi Hector

      Thanks for the kind words on what I've put together here. I never expected it to go as far as it has done and I'm pleased to make all the information available to everyone. Glen Mhor just needed someone dedicated to pull it all together. I look forward to the video!


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