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Additions to Glen Mhor Distillery 14th October 1946

Even before I unfolded this planning application for Glen Mhor, I was intrigued by the timing. The Second World War was still a fresh scar on the population, things were still in a state of flux, as evidenced by our logbook entries at the time. What were Mackinlay & Birnie doing at the distillery so soon after the return of production to the industry? The request was submitted on 14th October 1946 and approved on 28th October 1946 by David Guildbowl's deputy, A. G. Stewart, as per his authorisation. In fact, upon inspection of the plans, it is apparent that the focus is on the on-site Workmen's Housing and expanding the accommodation. This may be in anticipation of an increased demand and the return of the workforce after the war. Perhaps seeking to assist displaced workers and their families. Below are the plans in their entirety. We will examine each section individually as the map provides additional insight into the overall layout of the distillery site. What this requ

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