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August 1916 The Highland Railway Company

  Our examination of the 1916 Highland Railway Company shipments involving Glen Mhor continues. Prior to delving into this particular offering from August, it should indicate that the distillery is returning to production after its traditional silent season, which range from June for 6-8 weeks in duration.  Additionally, the image displays a signature in red, which is a notable addition to the document collection and is available for public viewing online, as it is from John Birnie himself, which is just great given his historical importance, to me anyway. My thanks once again to all those who made the Go Fund Me pledge a resounding success, thus enabling us to procure this invaluable artefact and several others.  4th August 1 bag of brass (Willison) Alloa 7th August 4 hogsheads of whisky (Clyde Bonding Co) Buchanan Street 9th August 3 hogsheads of whisky (McDonald & Muir) Leith 10th August 4 casks of whisky (Cockburn & Campbell) Leith 25th August 1 hogshead of whisky (McKinle

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