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Glen Mhor Purifier

  With all the details we've uncovered about Glen Mhor externally and internally, the question of purifiers remains. But our continued journey through the Customs & Excise logbook reveals new details, it also reveals tremendous amount of detail to digest. So, after listening to a recent podcast where I go through the latest finds, Alan Winchester kindly revisited the above image and the one from the Distilleries of the United Kingdom book. A very brief mention of a purifier was made in the logbook entry , a passing comment in effect, which is why we overlooked it initially. As Alan mentions: The recent distilleries of the UK article mentions the purifier, in the picture the return pipe can be seen as well as the picture of a still with William Birnie it can be seen, so this was external to the still.  I assumed this was a tailpipe from the worm carry distillate so my assumption was wrong.   Re-listening to podcast and as you read out the exciseman’s note I heard something th

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