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Glen Mhor Site Visit May 2021

  Last year I was fortunate to be visiting family up north and had the opportunity to stroll along the banks of the Caledonian Canal.  Regulars will recognise the above perspective from many historical photographs of Glen Mhor, which would have been on the right-hand side of this view. It was a visit and walk of mixed emotions, a gloriously sunny day with the hustle and bustle of the city fading from memory. We parked the car in the retail site, which has replaced Glen Mhor and the football stadium that once sat behind the distillery. And walked back out onto Telford Street (we'll talk about this in another post) before turning onto the causeway and venturing up to the locks. In the above photograph, you can see the back of the Lochkeeper cottage which still stands and also the distillery wall that has been featured in many historical photographs. You can only appreciate the height difference from the canal side to the distillery floor by visiting the site. It's a sizeable di

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