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Glen Mhor Logbook 2nd July 1936

  As previously reported , we have access to a distillery log book for Glen Mhor that covers a sizeable period at the distillery, from the mid-1930s onwards, and also features some entries from the remarkable Neil M Gunn, in his pre-writer role as a member of Customs and Excise. Glen Mhor was his last post before deciding to make a go of writing full-time and we're extremely fortunate to have his last year or so, forever captured on these pages. The ambition is to decipher the log and bring new detail to the everyday existence of the distillery, hopefully with new nuggets of information and continuing the comprehensive work to date. All of these pages will appear under the Customs and Excise label 1936 isn't a year that has featured in our timeline as of yet, so these subsequent pages might put something on the map - all entries will feature on the timeline going forward. I've transcribed the entry and an additional comment from 1937, which suggests the log doesn't ne

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