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Glen Mhor Cask Sale 8th March 1954

  Recently, I was made aware of an interesting item that had come up for auction on eBay involving Glen Mhor. This is the first bill of sale I've seen, but I suspect it won't be the last, as filling such orders was the main order of business for the distillery, for several decades. Sadly, I wasn't able to add it to my own personal physical collection, as I was outbid during the last minute. That's the way it goes, especially when a lot ends during the time when you're putting your son to bed. However, having grabbed images of the lot itself, I'm able to do the next best thing and document its existence for the project here. I hope the buyer enjoys the item. A wee reminder that I'm always on the lookout for Glen Mhor related items and happy to pay a decent price - all you need to do it get in touch. The bill itself is for 10 bourbon hogsheads which are all filled at the same strength and refill, although the number of refills is not specified. It also confirm

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