Glen Mhor New ownership


A whole host of new materials are on the site now from photographs to newspaper articles. We’ve even updated the timeline to reflect all the events that we’re becoming aware of through our research.

For instance, this newspaper article from January 1973, shortly after DCL took over the distillery and ended the independent existence of Glen Mhor. It confirms their immediate plans to focus on product for blending only. Announcing that the popular 6 and 10 year old bottlings of Glen Mhor would cease – maybe that influenced Gordon & MacPhail’s decision to bottle the distillery at a young age, because there was a market that favoured these expressions – soon after.

In announcing that both the official age statements of Glen Mhor would stop production in December 1973, we now have a date for all of those bottles you see from the 1970s from Mackinlay & Birnie. These will by simple maths contain whiskies distilled in the 1960s. Hopefully, we can dig up more information when libraries reopen and we can access the company records currently held in Glasgow.