Glen Mhor Carting Invoice 1917


Here's another document from Distillery View, that shows Glen Mhor continued to use the haulage services of Donald MacDonald (as seen in 1894) in 1917, to supply the distillery with barley, coal and malt. Interestingly, Thornbush is the name of a quay in Inverness harbour, so potentially, the firm was employed to deliver goods delivered by sea to the distillery; not a huge distance, in reality, a couple of thousand metres. These boats may have been too big to take advantage of the direct canal route to Glen Mhor. 

Also of interest, is confirmation that barley was being shipped from Glen Mhor to elsewhere and with no mention of peat on this invoice, was a new source being utilised instead? What's clear is that every document gives us a little more insight into the history of this distillery.