Glen Mhor invoice 1894


This remarkable document, kindly provided by Distillery View, heralds from the beginning of Glen Mhor distillery.

We know that the official date for Glen Mhor starting production is the 8th of December 1894 as seen in our detailed Timeline. However, we also know that it was up and running for several months prior to this, thanks to newspaper articles advertising draff.

So what else? They needed sleepers and peat it seems, and on a regular basis. The peat is interesting as this is an area of great detail as seen in our Distillery Info section, over the course of its history, Glen Mhor relied on peat from 3 specific areas of Scotland. The initial peat source was Dava Moor, near Carrbridge and it's likely that this was the most locally commercial peat available of sufficient quality and quantity. 

The image of this invoice also takes us back to a different time. Large quantities being transported by horse and cart, to a distillery to make whisky. The canal access was used by Glen Mhor for much of its existence, but it seems to obtain peat and other supplies, the old horse and cart was needed, as the canal network was not widespread or access in some parts of Scotland..