Last Glen Mhor Diageo Archives Image - for now?


The last image kindly provided by the Diageo Archives is the most seen colour photograph of Glen Mhor and in Ulf's Rare Malts book. Thanks to the file size (not uploaded here), it is possible to zoom in for greater detail and appreciation. This is likely from the mid-late 70s.

While it is disappointing there aren't more photographs of Glen Mhor with Diageo, it is worth remembering they were only owners for around a decade. And the distillery was acquired for blending. The blends of Mackinlay and Birnie were also retained and it is perhaps these that might offer more information from the Diageo Archives as there is some online suggestion that they do retain some records. 

I'm a firm believer in when one door closes, another opens. There are other avenues and resources to explore. As we move into a new form of lockdown, we are a day nearer to being able to unlock these hidden resources.

Glen Mhor has waited decades for a detailed appreciation; I'm sure it can wait a little longer.