US Navy Base 18 Update

We've updated our US Navy page with a trio of news articles about life on the base and its influence that resonates today - who said Glen Mhor had a boring history?

Looking at newspaper resources, it seems censorship restrictions were lifted early in 1919, which follows the ending of the First World War. This sparked a wave of articles, mostly in the US press about their local boys who had been stationed in Scotland. Assisting in the war effort with the building, deployment, and ultimately, retrieval of mines.

We've picked out a couple to highlight and possibly will add more. These include the one pictured above, with sailors creating a stage show about their residency and the navy being so impressed, it was sent to London to be staged and prompted a meeting with royalty. Yes, the whisky isn't at the forefront here - one correspondence laments it was a dry distillery at the time, but add all of this together and it's a shame both Glen Albyn and Glen Mhor no longer stand.