Coming soon

We've made some amazing discoveries about Glen Mhor recently, as I made contact with a relative of the Birnie family earlier this week. It's thanks to Alan and his family connection that we have this material. 

Someone else touched by Glen Mhor and in doing so, over the years, acquiring some unique material. He originally made contact with Rodney (from the Gavin D. Smith interview), who is no longer with us. While I thought that door of opportunity had closed, thanks to Alan's contact, Rodney was able to provide what he too had acquired. So, I'm pleased to bring you this third-generation assortment of Glen Mhor material in the coming weeks.

We have the 1898 4-page Brewers Glen Mhor supplement - this was a huge want on my list - so fantastic to finally add it to this online resource. It is a tatty copy and not the clearest image, but the 2 photographs I've never seen before (an external distillery photo and the original still house with the 2 stills present) and the text is rich in detail, with John Birnie giving the writer a tour of the distillery and talking about the expansion plans.

My plan for this document is to upload the original scans and type up the text to make for easier reading. Going forward, a better copy for the photographs remains, but it's a marvellous find as it was previously thought lost.

It doesn't end there, as we have a privately published handout from Willam Birnie on what Highland whisky should be. Just 2 pages but fun nevertheless to have and underlines their passion for Highland whisky and quality.

And rounding off an amazing treasure trove, we have a series of images that were left behind when DCL took over - these aren't even in the Diageo archives. Fortunately, an employee presumably had the sense to save the photographs. Because of this, we have the Glen Mhor still photographs and various areas of the production process. This is potentially the first time they've been seen since being taken off the distillery office walls. There might be some rare Glen Albyn amongst these as well, so if there is any doubt as to the distillery, we'll make sure to highlight it.

I believe we'd be doing well to cultivate 50 photographs of the distillery in this research, however, it looks like 100 is achievable.

These will be published in the coming weeks. I just need to figure out all the ins and outs, and what they contribute to the history of the distillery.

In sharing these, we're able to enjoy and appreciate Glen Mhor even, er, Mhor?