Distillers Company Ltd Summary 1973


This review from DCL Chairman, Sir Alex McDonald, published in the Guardian newspaper, gives us a snapshot of where the company was at the end of its financial year (31st March 1973) and future plans.

What's particularly interesting are his comments on the acquisition of Glen Albyn and Glen Mhor...

'increased quantities of Highland malt whisky have become available through the acquisition of Glen Mhor and Glen Albyn distilleries in Inverness.'

This confirms the motivation for their purchase (blending stock) with no interest in an official single malt presence. Aberfeldy distillery was also expanded at this time to produce more Highland whisky. DCL would have been limited in their stocks with Brora, having to switch to a more peated style of whisky to cover the renovations at Caol Ila. The Inverness distilleries and their maturing stock, in effect, plugged the gap.

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