SMWS 57.4 Information


Regulars will know we're building up our stocks of Glen Mhor to start covering the whiskies themselves in greater detail. Potentially, this is the area of the website which will be the most popular and eventually, the most populated.

The old-style Scotch Malt Whisky Society labels are iconic nowadays, but scant on detail. So, we approached the SMWS for details on 57.4 and they came up trumps with the original catalogue, which reads as:

'57.4 - Very flavoursome indeed; smoky, spicy and savoury.

From Inverness, the whisky is named after the great glen that runs from Inverness to Fort William. Neil Gunn was excise officer here for 14 years and wrote lovingly of it. Very pale colour from a plain oak cask, but do not be misled; this is very flavoursome whisky indeed, despite its appearance. The nose is smoky, spicy and savoury at the same time. It is sweet and peppery and tastes of malt and yeast. It improves when left in the glass.'

We'll be doing our own tasting notes when the bottle is opened. Perhaps as part of the full SMWS 57 line-up if we can source bottles. And look at the price of just £36! Nowadays, this bottle will cost you a little bit more.

In total, the SMWS released 14 casks of Glen Mhor which goes give us the opportunity to track a few down, as rare as they are. Despite the official range coming to an end in the early 1970s, the change in ownership marked more support from the independent bottlers who would grow in popularity in the coming decades.

Our thanks to Mads and the SMWS for this time capsule.