William Birnie - A Memory of Nairn

Our research of Glen Mhor can delve into the whisky and seek to uncover the production details, but a theme that continues to be strong is the personal aspect. Memories of those touched by the distillery, whether via family links, a nearby football ground or being employed at Glen Mhor.

It's these memories that give us a different perspective and bring home the value of that dram in front of us. It is more than just whisky could never be truer.

Here we have a wonderful memory from Peter Kemp in 2014 added to our quote section. I've reached out to Peter in the hope that he can give us even more wonderful insights such as these...

'My Grandfather was William Birnie, his father was John Birnie, they ran Glen Mhor distillery in Inverness, my sister and I have such wonderful memories of summer and winters in Inverness, having to walk along the river Ness after our lunch. He lived in a rather large house called ( i know that I am not even close on the spelling!!!!) Braeranoch House. For my recent birthday, my daughter and son-in-law gave me a vintage bottle of his whiskey, I will have to crack it open for a very special occasion. I know that the distillery is now part of a parking lot at a shopping market there, but the memories of putting on his putting green outside his office and running around the rafters and jumping into the barley holds, is strong.'

from Francis Frith, thanks to Justine.