A visit to Glen Mhor

We visited the site of Glen Mhor in June 2021, on what was a lovely day in Inverness. And you can see the footage of our walk here and also a walk along Telford Street and onto the former site of the distillery.

Apart from an old wall and cottage, there's no remnant of a distillery. No plaque or memorial to what was once on the site. You can easily walk past and not be aware of the former life that this area once had; 2 distilleries, a football ground and a thriving community. That's a shame and while Glen Mhor lives on with the liquid that it once produced, hopefully, our efforts here will underline how important the distillery was.

The IGTV links have been added to our Video Section and next time we're in the area, hopefully, we can do a more thorough walk around and include past images to highlight what it once looked like. We'll post some photographs in the coming weeks.