Glen Mhor Lost 3rd Still


This image comes from the collection of Rodney Burtt, we're doing these in the order he catalogued and his original notes are:

'The Stillman is either opening or closing the outlet pipe on a Low Wines Still with a capacity of 2700 gallons. The safety valve (with a tin hat) is situated on the still to the right of the worker.'

Delighted to be able to bring you just the 2nd photograph of the 'lost' 3rd still at Glen Mhor. This was installed in 1925 and is mentioned in passing in books, but thanks to our initial discovery photograph, we know have the size and shape of it. Now it's fantastic that we have a second image of this mystery addition, suggesting that it was placed to the left of the original set of stills. Now, we just need more images of the original stills.

My thanks to Alan for providing the image, his insight and to Rose for processing the original and giving it a new lease of life. This will be available in our Photograph Section along with the original discovered 3rd still photograph (under 1946) and additional details.