Glen Mhor Mash tun

This image comes from the collection of Rodney Burtt, we're doing these in the order he catalogued and his original notes are:

'The mash tun in operation where the ground barley is soaked in various hot waters. This process extracts the freshly formed malt into the water itself.'

A great photograph that gives us a sense of the work involved around the mash tun and the cramped nature in this room. Our research has shown that the original mash tun was replaced in 1925 with a new tun capable of offering 10 metric tonnes capacity. Made from Scottish larch. It's great to finally see it in action.

Note the overhanding belts that no longer seem in operation (we'll talk more about this soon) suggesting that this is after 1954 when turbine power was phased out in this room.

My thanks to Alan for providing the image, his insight and to Rose for processing the original and giving it a new lease of life. This will be available in our Photograph Section