The Enduring Spirit - Mackinlay's Old Rare Highland Malt Whisky


For all the work going into this Glen Mhor research project, the Video Section will always be the toughest ask, so I'm thankful for this video about the Mackinlay's Old Rare Highland Malt whisky, which was essentially Glen Mhor.

This discovery and subsequent analysis of the whisky itself propelled the distillery (which had long gone) into a new light. The report on the whisky is well worth reading with a link under 1907 in our Documentation Section with some additional highlights. 

This will be Glen Mhor in the early stages of its life, the late 1890s and into a new century. The fact that after research in 2011 it came as a surprise how good whisky could be from this period, is an acknowledgement of the skill of the team at the distillery led by John Birnie. Having had some Glen Mhor from 1937, I can testify to the quality at that time and it seems that emphasis has been in place from as early as possible.