Lock gates at Muirtown


This innocent photograph of the lock gates (which are still working away to this day) at Muirtown in 1969, also gives us a rooftop perspective of Glen Mhor from the period.

Until you've visited the site, you don't appreciate the drop that the locks enable into the Muirtown basin. Glen Mhor straddled this incline partially and you can sense appreciate this standing in the car park area today, looking up at the existing wall. 

Photograph kindly provided by the Canal River Trust and this is the original description:

'Black and white photograph taken from the side of the Caledonian Canal showing a pair of lock gates at Muirtown.'

Looking at the photograph in greater detail, you can appreciate the size of the original warehouse that ran along the width of the site and formed the outer wall. The photograph is likely taken from the middle gate.