Glen Mhor Distillery Dimensions 1894


Here is a fantastic piece from the Elgin Courant, dated 12th January 1894, which gives us some dimensions of Glen Mhor that will prove useful. In doing so, it also confirms the involvement of Scotland's (if not the worlds) leading architect in Charles C. Doig.

From this we know the dimensions of the site and that the canal embankment side was seen as the back of the distillery - unfortunately, the most photographed side as it was easily accessible. Perhaps time has been unkind and when we see images of Glen Mhor today, we often think of it as an ugly distillery, whereas we're only seeing the backend of it.

We've added the dimensions to our Distillery Information page and updated our Timeline, while also including the full article in our Newspaper Section. My thanks to Jeremy for the article and expect more discoveries in the coming months.