William Birnie House?


These images come from the collection of Rodney Burtt and they represent the last of the images that we've been able to obtain.

Unlike all our other images, there is no caption or detail, but they are included within the Glen Mhor photographs. You'll possibly know from our Quotes section that we spoke to Peter Kemp, a relative of William Birnie, and he remembers his large Inverness home called something along the lines of Braeranoch House - could this be it?

It's an interesting footnote to a great collection of photographs and memories.

If anyone recognises the building then please let us know!

My thanks to Alan for providing the image, his insight and to Rose for processing the original and giving it a new lease of life. This will be available in our Photograph Section


  1. Hi all. I am William Birnie’s niece and John Birnie’s youngest granddaughter. I spent many happy holidays at Braerannoch and Balnafettack and also playing at the distillery when Uncle Bill was in charge.

    The house in your photo is definitely not Braerannoch or Balnafettack. I came across your website by chance and am wondering what relation Peter Kemp is to “Wuffie” William Birnie’s younger daughter?

    If you would like to contact me by email my address is lorna.phillips@comarcogeoup.com

    1. Hi

      Thanks for clarifying the house as it was an oddity amongst the collection of photographs I obtained from the relatives of Rodney. I'll drop you an email this morning. Thanks, Jason.


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