Glen Mhor Site 1884


Here is a wonderful photograph from the Cook Collection posted by the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery The Caption from Am Baile reads as follows:

'The Caledonian Canal at #Inverness, c. 1884. The ship in the foreground is the 'Margaret Reid'

What's fascinating about this photograph is that it doesn't feature Glen Mhor. This is the era of Glen Albyn growing and actually predates the arrival of John Birnie at the distillery - he would take over in 1885. In content, it gives us the Muirtown locks, bridge and the original houses that stood by the road at that time.

Glen Mhor would appear to the right of the image on the open rural land. The image also gives us the content of a more rural Muirtown, yet to be swallowed up by Inverness. This is backed up by images in our Photograph section, where this will appear.

My thanks to Aeneas for highlighting the image.

I would also recommend you read this excellent article from Dave at the Inverness Local History Forum about one of the vessels in this photograph, the Margaret Reid.