Glen Mhor Logbook 1st June 1936

We're going to be going through this log (Highland Archives HCA/D31/4/1/25), which I've discussed the importance of previously, and hopefully gaining a new perspective on the inner workings of a distillery during this period. Kicking off by starting in 1936 and noting the writing is faint in some areas so I've tried my best to decipher what I can.

'Inverness 4th Station
Glen Mhor Dist
1st June 1936


I beg to forward application from Messers Mackinlay's and Birnie Ltd for permission during the silent season to:

1. ??? the Silent Stock Cask
2. Fill the Spirit Receiver, nat? and Low Wines and Spirits Charger with water from time to time.
3. Have the Spirit Store left open for cleansing.
4. Be permitted to rack in the Spirit Store.

The Distillery is now silent and all spirits have been removed from the Spirit Store except the balance in the stock cask and feints receivers containing the defending feints are close locked so that no feints can be passed to the Silent Receiver.

During any racking in the Spirt Store the Spirit Vat will be empty and the water pipe locked in accordance with para.151a of Distillery Instructions.

Your obedient servant

?? (not sure of the signature)
The Collector, Inverness. '

This entry shows us the practicalities of running a distillery and following the letter of the law - even when planning maintenance during the silent season. Even entering the said premises to engage in simple work required approval and documentation.

This bodes well for the rest of the log in terms of what information and detail it will reveal.