Cask Label Shipment to Chivas Bros Ltd

Here is another great find from Alan, which comes from the Scottish Malt Distillers era of ownership. This puts it into the post-1972 timeframe and shows that despite DCL purchasing the distillery for much needed Highland stock, they were still able to ship casks to other firms.

This document also proves that Glen Mhor was in the Chivas Regal blends of the period. Four casks isn't a huge shipment for either firm but proves there was a connection.

Also worth considering are the cask numbers themselves with 1969 (46 & 47) not telling us much at all, but 1966 accounting for casks (2904 & 2905) is of more interest. Regular readers will know that I speculated on the production aspect of Glen Mhor. That was back in August, and while it feels like a lifetime ago now, we've uncovered more information such as this which helps us build more of an idea into Glen Mhor's output.  

One thing we've noticed is that despite owning both distilleries, Mackinlay & Birnie during their ownership kept them very separate in terms of documentation. This cask shipment keeps the approach going under the SMD era. Hopefully, we can turn up more labels such as this and if anyone has any information to offer, please get in contact.

My thanks to Rose for scrubbing up the image.