Glen Mhor Document 11th August 1919


Being a holiday week, my plan wasn't to post anything of detail, but I do have some snippets of information that need added to this online resource.

Here's one of 'em in the form of an invoice for 6.2 gallons of whisky, which is 28.12 litres of whisky for a Mrs Austin. Who knows the purpose, but it would be enough to keep you entertained for a wee while.

Glen Mhor is mentioned on the letterhead but there's nothing to say that this is specifically Glen Mhor within the liquid - frankly we'll never know. But it gives insight into the sort of business and service Mackinlay's were able to provide. This wouldn't have been as lucrative as supplying the Walkers of Kilmarnock, but served another purpose. In today's money, this would have been valued at £1219, so these small orders may have been a bread and butter remnant for the family firm.

My thanks to Distillery View for highlighting the document.