Wanted: Pictures of Inverness A Peep Into Glen Mhor Distillery

Ideally, I'd want any information on Glen Mhor distillery, but in terms of a hit-list, the 1897 publication mentioned above is top of the tree.

This small brochure or pamphlet was a medium used by distilleries to promote their excellence and focus on quality. The leading writer of the period was Alfred Barnard, and we know he did engage in writing for such publications over the years. For instance, I know of a similar focus on Dalmore distillery and there will be others.

However, 'Pictures of Inverness; a peep into Glen Mhor Distillery' remains an unknown quantity. I've known of its existence for sometime now but every search has turned up nothing. What a 'got-up' book is exactly is open to debate. The fact that its being referred to as a book, rather than a handhold - like the Saladin Boxes publication - suggests that it is more durable. And if we can find a fragile pamphlet, then we can find this. The fact that Mackinlay & Birnie were still using the printed format decades later to promote their endeavours should not be lost upon us. 

This particular paragraph comes from the Distillers', Brewers' and Spirits' Merchants' Magazine, published on Monday 1st November, 1897. And it is entries like these that give us a tantalising glimpse into this publication. For Alfred, it was perhaps unfinished business? His epic list of distilleries covered in The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom, is as definitive as it could be. However, the boom nature of the industry towards the end of the 1800's meant that a couple of new projects were missed - including Glen Mhor. 

So, in a roundabout way, we could view A Peep Into Glen Mhor Distillery, as a lost chapter to his book, a supplementary bonus - if we could only find a copy.

My thanks to Louis for prompting me to write about this lost item and it goes without saying, if you have this publication, or a copy of it, then please get in touch. I'll gladly pay for access or the original - just so we can add it to this online resource.