Glen Mhor Log Book 22 July 1936

A new day, as our deciphering of the Glen Mhor log book (Highland Archives HCA/D31/4/1/25) continues. I've had these pages for over 6 months but only now can find the time that they require for further thought. We remain in 1936 and it seems the midst of the distillery silent season with maintenance jobs that needed done. 

The writing on these entries is professional, but everyone has their own individual style, so some effort is needed to decipher and this page is particularly faint in places. Thankfully, in our modern age, you're able to zoom into images and especially handy with these counterfoil pages, is the ability to turn the image into a negative. This really highlights the specific detail on each counterfoil, as you can see from below...

From memory, later pages in the log book are on paper, rather than counterfoil, so these will be clearer and offer more detail. Also, as we're moving out of the pandemic, there will be less restrictions on copying at archives i.e. during this visit, there were none to speak of to limit the risk of infection and we had to make do at best. The photographs are variable, but unlike actual distillery plans, there's less emphasis on the visual image and more on the actual information.

This particular page actually features a diagram of the proposed work and the full transcript (as best as I can decipher it) reads as follows:

'Glen Mhor Distillery


22 July 1936

I enclose herewith an application by Messrs Mackinlay & Birnie Ltd of Glen Mhor Distillery to put in a new ?? of piping about 11 feet long between the ?? and Feints Charger and No.2 Low Wines Still the old piece being worn thin.

The removal of the length of piping to be replaced entails the unriveting of two flanges, both of which will be securely riveted when the fresh piece of piping - which will be identical with the old piece - has been inserted.


The Collector Inverness.

Your obedient servant


We also have an entry on the margin, which highlights the approval for this work, the very next day (that's efficiency on site in action!) and conditions attached below. 

'?? 23/7/36

Provisionally approved 

Further report should be made when the repairs are completed. PC Lennox'

What's also of interest is that we have potentially a non-exciseman employee requesting this work to be done, giving more justification that this log is indeed a record of works approved and otherwise kept onsite. The purpose of the book will only become more clear as we reach the end and can then reflect. But it does seem on his particular entry, a representative detailed the requested repair and this was approved in the margin. Not by Neil M Gunn, the government representative on site, as we've seen on previous pages, but a PC Lennox. 

This Log Book comes from the Highland Archives Centre (HCA/D31/4/1/25) and is watermarked for its protection. As with any images on this website, please ask first before using and always give credit. My thanks to the Centre for their assistance.