The Original Mackinlay Finest Scotch Whisky 21 year old

You can expect an assault of all things Mackinlay related in the coming months as we start to explore and document the blending house that Glen Mhor once supported.

This 21 year old was bottled in the 1980s at a solid 43% strength. Meaning it could take us back to the early 1960s and given the links to the distillery, potentially features Glen Mhor in the recipe.

The early 1960s marked the beginning acquisitions across the scotch industry, as DCL purchased a stake in Mackinlay & Birnie, and Charles Mackinlay & Co. were acquired by Scottish Newcastle Breweries.

You will still find bottles and miniatures at auction of various Mackinlay blends that allows us to explore these across the decades. This 21yo is a little rarer than some of the others due to the age statement and promise of a bygone period. Hopefully, we can shed a little more light on the inner workings of the Mackinlay's as we focus more on the Leith blender next year.

On the nose: a pleasant sherried character is evident, bergamot, plums, chocolate and mulch. Basil leaf, brown sugar, cinder toffee, Typhoo tea bag and dried fruit. Just enough to make you take notice.

In the mouth: it is a little drab initially, the sherry aspect feels less assured and heavily refilled. A tinge of alcohol. Honeycomb, malty, blackberries, cherry menthol and a touch of soap. Wood bitterness, orange rind and coco pops.

My thoughts

Solid stuff, the nose promises more but the palate lacks a little depth and punch. Still this isn't a bad blend and there's no grain whisky taint that you can sometimes taste. This is well engineered and delivered. Easy sipping and might have been a wee treat to some during the 80s.

Score: 5/10


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