Glen Mhor Log Book 9th June 1938

The arrival of June marks the annual tradition of silent season and a series of requests that can only be pursued at this time of year. While many downed tools and enjoyed a brief break, work continued at Glen Mhor of the maintenance kind, which was replicated across Scotland.

A reminder that you can track all of the pages from this Logbook in our dedicated section, which is growing nicely and provides a unique insight into the more practical side of a distillery.

'Glen Mhor Distillery


9th June 1938


I beg to forward application from Messrs Mackinlay & Birnie for permission during silent season to:

1. Warehouse the spirit ?? cask?

2. Fill the Spirit Receiver, Vat and Low Wines and Feints Charger with water from time to time.

3. Have the Spirit Store left open for cleansing.

4. Be permitted to rack in the Spirit Store.

The Distillery is now silent and all spirits have been removed from the Spirit Store except the balance in the Stock Cask. The Feints Receiver containing the Depending Feints is closed clocked so that no feints can be passed to the Spirit Receiver.

During any racking in the Spirit Store, the Spirit Vat will be empty and the water pipe locked in accordance with per 16v (3) of the Distillery Instructions. 

Yours obediently


Margin entry: Approved 11.6.38'

From our exploration so far, this looks like a fairly routine and mundane request and typical of the annual tradition of recording requests. As such, we'll continue onto the next page and see what awaits...

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