Glen Mhor Log Book 24th May 1939

We kick off 2023 with a renewed emphasis on bringing the dusty pages of the remaining Glen Mhor Log Book to life. We still have decades left to unearth, but for today, we find ourselves in the pre-war era with the annual routine requirement for the silent season application for works.

The page entry reads as follows:

'Glen Mhor Distillery


24th May 1939


I beg to forward application from Messrs Mackinlay & Birnie for permission during the silent season to:

1. Warehouse the Spirit Stock cask

2. Fill the Spirit Receiver, Vat and Low Wines and Feints Charger with water from time to time.

3. Have the Spirit Store left open from cleaning.

4. Be permitted to rack in the Spirit Store.

The Distillery is now silent and all spirits have been removed from the Spirit Store and the Stock Cask is empty.

The Feints Receiver containing Defending Feints is locked as that no feints can be passed to the Spirit Receiver. 

During any racking in the Spirit Store, the Spirit Vat will empty and the water pipe locked in accordance with par 162(3) for the Distilling Instructions.

Yours obediently,

Gilbert W. Peterkin

The Collector, Inverness.'

Margin Entry:

26/5/39, Approved subject to the distilling conditions of Par.162 Distillery Ins (2d rc), initialled by assistant controller.

From our experience of these entries, this seems very routine. Nothing unexpected, which will change with the next entry, submitted just a day later for more substantial repairs.

This Log Book comes from the Highland Archives Centre (HCA/D31/4/1/25) and is watermarked for its protection. As with any images on this website, please ask first before using and always give credit. My thanks to the Centre for their assistance.