Glen Mhor Log Book 15th September 1942


Hopefully, you've guessed that this entry from the logbook focuses on the spirit safe at Glen Mhor.

What's interesting from a more distant stance is that despite the war raging and the imminent closure of Scotland's distilleries, work was still ongoing to improve equipment and a sense of business as usual, in spite of the greater landscape.

I reached out to Alan Winchester for his thoughts on this enhancement and purpose, sadly the angle of the above image doesn't allow us to see the work which is laid out below... 

'Customs & Excise

Glen Mhor Distillery


15th September 1942

Honourable Sirs, 

Three air vents are now attached to the Spirit Safe at this distillery.

The air vents are of copper, dome shaped with perforations re 1/10" underneath, soldered to bent pipes, and securely fitted with copper rivets and soldered to the back of the safe.

Your obedient servant,

Gilbert W. Peterkin, officer

The Honourable

The Commissioners of Customs & Excise


The three air vents as now attached to the Spirit Safe are finally approved.

??? sec? Office 12/10/42

??? 13/10/42'

Alan offered some insight into the reasoning behind this alteration to the Spirit Safe:

'The vents are fairly standard now, though the vent is normally piped to the outside now.

I wonder if the safes at that time were giving an issue with condensation or flow issues.'

So, there you go, a feature we take for granted today but the purpose of it was to potentially improve the movement of the spirit and the ability of the Stillman to view this process, even with the war environment outside. We'll be back to all war matters in the next entry.

This Log Book comes from the Highland Archives Centre (HCA/D31/4/1/25) and is watermarked for its protection. As with any images on this website, please ask first before using and always give credit.