Glen Mhor Log Book 23rd April 1941

Ah, yes, another entry that confirms the indulgence granted around Rule 162 of the Distillery Instructions.

Thanks to those that have reached out about what this rule could be and trying to find a copy of the literature. That effort is ongoing and hopefully we can shed some light on what Glen Mhor was asking for on an increasingly basis, and last seen on 27th March 1940, so there is an April pattern forming, potentially on the eve of any silent season.

'Customs Excise

Glen Mhor Distillery


23rd April 1941


I beg to forward the enclosed application from messrs Mackinlay Birnie Ltd, for indulgences for Glen Mhor Distillery, which the Collector may consider under par 162 of the Distillery Instructions.

A similar application has been granted in previous years.

The distillery is silent.

Yours obediently

G.W. Peterkin, officer


Allowed, to be noted locally.

W.N.N. Cole'


Also of interest is the fact that the distillery is now silent, which will relate to the silent season and not being closed due to the war restrictions. As I'm a few pages ahead, I know there is an entry confirming when the distillery does indeed close due to the war. However, it would continue for a while yet, even with the reduced production levels noted in the 27th April 1940 entry.