Glen Mhor Log Book 5th September 1945


After speculating in our last article as to the fate of Gilbert W. Peterkin, I'm pleased to see he's back!

Of course there's mixed feelings on this as his temporary replacement had lovely handwriting, but we know with Gilbert his knowledge of Glen Mhor and the war years is second to none, so it's great to have him back on board. I'm also left wondering what happened to the Glen Mhor date stamp that we've seen in recent entries - has this been lost in the move from the temporary office?

There does seem to be a business as usual feel to this entry as it concerns our ongoing mystery of a particular rule in the Distillery Instructions and being granted an indulgence...

'Customs & Excise

Glen Mhor Distillery


5th September 1945


I attach application from Messers Mackinlay's & Birnie Ltd. for indulgence for Glen Mhor Distillery, which the Collector may consider under rule? 162 of the Distillery Instructions.

A similar application has been granted in former years.

The distillery is silent.

G.W. Peterkin

The Surveyor, Inverness.

Margin entry: allowed Collector? Order 7/9/45'

The mystery continues, but at least Gilbert is back, but for how long?

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