Glen Mhor Purifier


With all the details we've uncovered about Glen Mhor externally and internally, the question of purifiers remains. But our continued journey through the Customs & Excise logbook reveals new details, it also reveals tremendous amount of detail to digest.

So, after listening to a recent podcast where I go through the latest finds, Alan Winchester kindly revisited the above image and the one from the Distilleries of the United Kingdom book. A very brief mention of a purifier was made in the logbook entry, a passing comment in effect, which is why we overlooked it initially. As Alan mentions:

The recent distilleries of the UK article mentions the purifier, in the picture the return pipe can be seen as well as the picture of a still with William Birnie it can be seen, so this was external to the still.  I assumed this was a tailpipe from the worm carry distillate so my assumption was wrong.  

Re-listening to podcast and as you read out the exciseman’s note I heard something that I missed. When the low wines and feints still, you mentioned he said that the purifier return was secured. This is something I have forgotten or missed the Low wines and feints still was fitted with a purifier, so next question when fitted? Also were there purifiers on the other stills.

So, another mystery. We have no other record of purifier/s or mention to date at Glen Mhor. The entry now confirms the existence of at least one and potentially more and the purpose of the piping above. 

We might never know for sure, but the research goes on.