Opening Prices for New Whisky - Season 1899

This entry in the Distillers', Brewers', and Spirit Merchant's Magazine, published 1st November 1899 gives us a unique industry-wide snapshot of pricing. Effectively, this is the price of new casks of spirit and distilleries touting for business.

At Glen Mhor, a relatively newcomer on the list, there's a sense of consistency and confidence. Perhaps industry wide at the time with a boom ongoing, but about to abruptly come to an end.

'Messrs. Mackinlays & Birnie inform us that their opening price for 'Glen Mhor' is the same as last year, 3s 6d. per proof gallon.'

If we compare this statement of intent to the other Inverness distilleries:

'Glen Albyn - our opening price will be the same as last year

The Millburn Distillery Co,. Inverness, say the price of new Millburn whisky is 3s 3d., delivered Glasgow or Leith with usual deductions. The distillery commenced work on 16th October.

Most of the distilleries keep prices consistent, perhaps the most revealing is the Glencadam statement:

We have pleasure in saying that having bought largely of last season's barley, which we consider the best of the last twenty years for distilling, we were able to start work early last month. The produce so far is a repeat of last year's, and we are offering at 8s 6d. per gallon 11o.p. less usual allowances. As to the new barley, we are not yet in a position speak.'

And from a local perspective, being based in Fife, seeing the Grange of Burntisland mentioned is always a joy, as that is a very lost distillery.