Northern Scot and Moray & Nairn Express 12th February 1898


A mention of Glen Mhor and its supplement that appeared in the Brewer's magazine, which we've dissected in greater page by page detail. A wonderful article that gave us huge insight and viewable images of a young distillery just starting out into the turbulent world of whisky production. 

This article, other than the reaction, gives us the outline of what else appeared in the issue, including the rising prominence of The Distiller's Company Limited, who would eventually own all 3 Inverness distilleries and ultimately become responsible for their destruction.

On a side note, the rapid ageing of whisky article is something I'll try and pin down. We've seen many of these over the years, often with a scientific edge in modern times. To compare this to an 1898 viewpoint would be extremely interesting.   

Regular readers will be familiar with Glen Mhor's thoughts on young whisky, while we don't have John's opinion, we know that his son, William Birnie, had specific views on the matter, no doubt influenced by his father's pursuit of quality:

'Whisky under three years old is a sick spirit' said Birnie. 'Sick in spirit and violent in the throat of a man and I personally should welcome legislation requiring five years of aging.'