Glen Mhor Logbook 7th September 1966

This entry immediately follows the logbook page on 6th September 1966. As previously noted, the prior page was cancelled, and therefore, this correction is a rare occurrence. 

It is suspected that various pages regarding entries involving figures and calculations were removed. Such pages were significant in charging and record keeping. Post-amendments were potentially viewed dimly by Customs & Excise management. It was paramount to maintain a specific standard and reliability. However, having both pages enables us to see the initial errors and comprehend any additional information.  And also digest any further details within the record. In this case, the omission was quickly noted and clarified, so there should not have been any knock on effect.

The entry reads as follows:

'Hon. Commissioners C&E

via ,Collector, Inverness

Report under chgs. Att. para 135(b)

I have to report that Mr G.C. Urquhart extraman, was employed on 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th Sept. Solely to watch during reconstruction of warehouses at this distillery.

Attendance was given on each day from 9am to 5pm with a lunch break between 1200 and 1230pm. A deposit of £10.16.0 has been paid by the distiller to defray the cost of the attendance.


DJR Hughes


Immediately we notice that Mr G. C. Urquhart, an extra, was being deprived of a day's work in the withdrawn record. The 6th of September, which fell on a Tuesday, was not included. Given the page was submitted on the same day, it's possible that the exciseman was hasty or that unforeseen work was required. 

The work took a total of four days and did not include the weekend. We are unsure about the nature of the work or the number of workers needed to complete it. Yet due to its brevity and absence of any planning application or prior record of work, the task must have been relatively straightforward. We are not considering the construction of a new warehouse here. Possibly an internal upgrade or repair may have been necessary, considering that many of the warehouses were nearly 70 years old. Alan Winchester's previous demonstration showed their continued efficiency. 

The provision of an additional excise officer, funded by the distillery, would have enabled the regular excise officer to work without interruption.