Glen Mhor Document Collection Fundraiser


Fortunately, in this example, plans change as the purpose of this post was to draw attention to a recent opportunity to purchase a collection of documents from Glen Mhor. However, in order to proceed with this acquisition, sufficient funds needed to be raised to enable this.

The decision to seek community assistance was a difficult one as I have always believed in a non-profit basis and I've taken onboard myself any costs to build this resource, never mind the time I've devoted. However, I am amazed as within days, the fundraiser was fully pledged, and we have a surplus.

I am very grateful to the seller for providing us with the chance to purchase their collection. I'm familiar with the competitiveness and expense of bidding on individual Glen Mhor documents, which I have experienced several times. So, this was an opportunity to acquire a cache of over 20 documents and disseminate them publicly, consume their information and insert this into this marvellous online resource.

My gratitude goes out to those who reposted, responded, and contributed to the fundraiser. I'm extremely grateful for the quick success achieved in just a matter of days. Thank you.

The next task is to collect the necessary materials, and discuss the particulars with the vendor. I am equally intrigued by his enthusiasm for the distillery as I am by the information conveyed in the documents. There appears to be a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about Glen Mhor, yet they seem to be undervalued and unrecognised compared to Brora, Port Ellen and Rosebank fans.

Moving forward, I have a family holiday planned for next month, after this, my focus will be on publishing the remaining logbook pages and distillery plans. After that, I can begin working on the newly acquired letters. Then, we can examine the historical documents we have obtained and determine their significance. I've already informed Alan Winchester to prepare for this task.

I will call time on the fundraiser at the end of the week, any excess funds will be allocated to purchasing materials to safeguard and preserve the documents. I've given thought to a war chest in case further Glen Mhor materials appear, so we're ready. Also, framing is under consideration for some documents, as I've mentioned the significance of ensuring that any materials are accessible not just online, but also for upcoming tastings. I'd also like any materials to be available in Inverness for public exhibition and the new Dornoch distillery. I see myself as a mere custodian and we can all enjoy this research and what we uncover, which is clearly the case from the amazing response.

So, once again, my thanks and the rarity of me actually signing off..

Cheers, Jason.