Glen Mhor Logbook 28th November 1967

Since we started exploring this Glen Mhor logbook on 18th November 2021, we've consumed so much information and added a whole new layer of insight and appreciation. The distillery timeline that was previously riddled with gaps, is now bursting with information. It's been quite the resource and a marvellous journey with the assistance of Alan Winchester to help bring these pages to life.

The end of the logbook comes with the last echoes of the old exciseman role and the dawn of a new era for Customs & Excise. I wish it continued, or we could locate the previous book, but we have to be thankful for what this surviving logbook has given us. It is thanks to the Highland Archive centre in Inverness that this information has survived and will continue to do so. Without their assistance, I would not have been able to bring you each page and I hope the work here will bring added insight into their own materials. If you cannot make it to Inverness to look at the originals, then wherever you are in the world, you're able to do so here and that's thanks to the generosity and time that everyone has given to this project. My thanks to everyone. On that note, let's take in the last entry...

'Hon. Sirs,

Charge for attendance

- distillers' warehouses

Mr J.B. Crighton, Extraman, was employed at Glen Mhor and Glen Albyn Distillery warehouses as detailed below while internal repairs to strengthen the warehouse floors were carried out and the fire alarm system was extended.

6/11/67 - 10/11/67 9am to 5pm 5 days@ 8hrs = 40

13/11/67 - 17/11/67 9am to 5pm 5 days@8hrs = 40

20/11/67 - 22/11/67 9am to 5pm 3 days@8 hrs = 24

23/11/67 9am to 3pm 1 day@6hrs = 6

Total Hours 110

The amount due by the trader is

110 x 9 = $49-10-0

Less deposit £45-0-0 (0502-2/11/67 Inverness)


Glen Mhor and Glen Albyn Distilleries together with Millburn Distillery from the newly proposed Inverness Distillery Station with a staff of two officers and two extramen. The trader was given attendance from 8am to 9am each day by an extramen from the normal station staff but it was necessary to employ Mr Crighton to cover the hours from 9am to 5pm as the extramen regularly employed are required to move in accordance with a carefully planned scheme to cover normal trader requirements at the three distilleries.

This report is made under paragraph 135(f) of the instructions relating to charges for the attendance of Officers. The trader is agreeable to pay the charge. Similar report made in 1966, EST 48/1/283.

Your Obedient Servant,

G.A. Dawson, Officer'

The logbook provides information until the final page.

It records the additional cost of work being carried out at both Glen Albyn and Glen Mhor distilleries, including upgrades and repairs. This practice is becoming more common and is a sensible approach, as demonstrated by the previous use of cask weighing machines. 

The decision to bring technicians to Inverness to build and install the devices was a wise one, and it is only logical that both distilleries should reap the rewards of their visit.

The creation of the Inverness Distillery Station, which is now limited to four individuals, marks the end of the prior excise system. It is unclear what staff levels were prior to this, but I'd suggest at least double.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to bringing these pages to life.  

This Log Book comes from the Highland Archives Centre (HCA/D31/4/1/25) and is watermarked for its protection. As with any images on this website, please ask first before using and always give credit.