1898 Glen Mhor Supplement Page 4 text


We're delighted to be able to bring you the previously missing 1898 Trade Supplement that introduced Glen Mhor, a new distillery, to a wider audience. My thanks to Alan, for providing this wonderful account. We've already covered page 1, page 2 and page 3 in great detail. This leaves us with the last page which really doesn't offer too much on Glen Mhor and it's more of a rounding up and the activities of Mackinlay's in Edinburgh.

There is a photograph of their general offices on Consitution Street in Leith, but as it's not of the Glen Mhor site I've not reproduced it here. The text from this final page is as follows:

'received us, and for the clear and succinct manner in which he detailed to us the various facts connected with the management and working of the Distillery.

Messrs. Charles Mackinlay & Co., as is generally known, are joint partners and proprietors of Glen Mhor Distillery, and act as agents for the sale of Glen Mhor whisky. As will be indicated from the picture of the facade of their offices and also representing their bonded warehouses and export stores, the business done by this enterprising firm is a very large one. They became distillers in 1894 in order to supply the demand for a rapidly-increasing trade for a pure Highland Malt whisky for export. With this end in view they joined Mr Birnie in leasing the ground at Muirtown on which Glen Mhor Distillery was erected. The firm do a large business in England, Ireland and Scotland, also America and the Colonies, where Mackinlay's whisky during the past 15 years become very popular.'

Perhaps the most interesting detail here is the reasoning behind Glen Mhor, we know that a brother of James Mackinlay, (Charles W. Mackinlay), introduced him to John Birnie who was seeking to become a distillery owner after Glen Albyn.