Glen Mhor Log Book 28th June 1939


A simple entry confirming the work had been done, which was requested in an early article from 25th May 1939. It shows the Low Wines No.2 Still receiving some regular care and attention.

Such moves then gave way to a request to enable further work, as seen in our posts from the 7th July, concerning the quality of work, and the 29th June summary.

'Glen Mhor Distillery


28th June 1939


The defective copper plates have been removed from the waist of the Low Wines Still at this distillery, and replaced by new copper plates in accordance with my report of the 25th May.

The plates are secured by copper rivets.

The capacity of the Still remains unaltered, and the security is not affected. 

Gilbert W. Peterkin

The Collector


Approved: J. Godfrey Asst. Collector 24/8/39'

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