Development Company Press On With Supermarket Plan

While Glen Mhor, along with Glen Albyn, fell silent on 31st May 1983 for the last time, this wasn't the end of their story. The sites were prized for their development potential, on what was a busy area of an increasingly growing city.

The will they or won't they aspect of the site lingered for several years as buyers and potential uses were explored. I've heard reports of turning Glen Mhor into a tourist attraction, but this never seemed to gain traction. There's also the sense of the Muirtown community slowly ebbing away thanks to new developments and the lose of the local industries that defined the area.

What's particularly sad is a walk along the site today showcases nothing about its former inhabitants, distilleries or otherwise. The area is fairly non-descript and even the replacement structures now seem tired and dated. Whereas these historical distilleries would have offered a worthwhile business and source of tourism in a city that still struggles to this day to define itself as a destination.

The article from the Aberdeen Press & Journal, was published on 26th July 1985 and highlights the ongoing stances from would-be developers and the local community. A public meeting would shortly follow, as highlighted in this report which also appears in our newspaper section